Meet Our Personal Trainers

Our Health Club Personal Training Staff – Reach us at (618) 288-5555

  • John Criswell – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Jeff Rohr – ACE Certified Personal Trainer + Health Coach
  • Angela Tomic – Certified Personal Trainer

OHC-Spa-Staff-John-CriswellJohn Criswell

 “It’s not a diet but a commitment to a lifestyle change to improve quality of life.”

As a Certified Fitness Trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association, one of the leading accredited certifications, John believes in lifestyle balance. He incorporates a multitude of training techniques, all of which create a challenging and fun environment to reach your goals. His programs are based on functional strength, core stability, proper nutrition, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise.

With being a high school ice hockey coach for over 15 years, John knows the dedication and commitment it takes to excel and improve and takes pride in motivating others to achieve their goals.

Having not always been in the best shape himself, he understands the hurdles that can get in the way. But with hard work and proper guidance, all obstacles can be overcome and he wants to help you along your journey of health and wellness to be the best YOU that you can be.

OHC_Trainer_Staff_Jeff_RohrJeff Rohr – ACE Certified Personal Trainer + ACE Certified Health Coach

Health & Fitness has always been passions of mine – so much, that I decided to make it not only a lifestyle, but also a career path. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. and an ACE Certified Health Coach. My joy lies in helping people to achieve their goals, along with pushing them to new levels of personal excellence. I refuse to be confined by my own “glass ceiling” and I like to help others realize that their only true limitations are the ones they set on themselves. I have experienced adversity in my life that called for extreme lifestyle changes, and I believe that everyone has the ability to change when they decide they are ready. That being said, if you’ve made that decision I would be honored to help you take it into action! Thank you!

TOMICREVHi! I’m Angela Tomic!

I have been in the fitness field since graduating high school. I’ve never left the fitness field because I LOVE IT! I have a Bachelors Degree in Health Education plus a World Instructor Training School (W.I.T.S) Personal Certification. I specialize in group training where each client will receive an individualized program while sharing the cost and sharing the time! If group exercise isn’t your thing, I am also available for individual sessions as well!
My #1 goal is to help you become healthy! God gave us just one body and we are to treat it as a temple! If you are looking for a creative workout and a positive experience without breaking the bank…I can help!!

ptKevin E. Adams
A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer
Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certified
Education: Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Culver-Stockton College, 2000
Training Philosophy:
Whether your primary goal is to slim down, bulk up, gain functional strength, or become a better athlete, a weightlifting routine built around compound movements is the most efficient path to success.  Consistently increasing the weight with which you perform these exercises will foster muscle growth, increase your resting metabolism, and stimulate your central nervous system.  Given enough time, the weights will do the work—my job as a trainer is to hold my clients accountable (with respect to form, effort, and commitment) so that they may reap the rewards they’re after.  My own body is a testament to the fact that “good genetics” are not required—no human, young or old, is immune to training or diet.  Dedication is the factor most important to fitness, and I’m passionate about leading people to healthier lives by example.
Biking, running, weightlifting, reading, watching the History Channel, and spending time with my beagle.